The objectives

The objectives of our interactions with stakeholders as part of this project are simple:

1. to identify and understand barriers resulting from entry processes, but also from the operation processes, such as balancing, switching etc. that new entrants face as they try to survive and grow in the retail energy (electricity and gas) market.

2. to understand how the barriers are set to change in the near future as a result of planned or expected structural, regulatory, procedural, or other changes in the market.

3. to gain some comparability between markets and where appropriate, to identify best practice.

4. ultimately and most importantly, to facilitate the benefits of increased choice for consumers across Europe.

The Stakeholders

We are keen to have the participation of the following stakeholders:

  • National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) for electricity and gas.

  • New Entrants. By new entrants, we are referring to retail market entrants, including:

a. Independent electricity: suppliers of electricity and /or gas which do not have any incumbent (by default) customers and are not owned by a presently or formerly incumbent energy company. These are essentially independent suppliers which have organically grown their entire customer base and can also include suppliers which have not yet, but plan to, or are considering entering a given market. Suppliers which have supplemented their customer base through M&A activities are also included in this category, as long as they fulfil the other criteria of this category.

b. Trans-State Suppliers: Suppliers of Electricity and /or Gas suppliers from one state (country) who have entered or have seriously considered entering another state electricity or gas retail market by means of organic customer growth (not only through M&A).

c. Trans-Market Suppliers: Suppliers from other markets (such as telco) who have or have seriously considered entering a given state market as a supplier of electricity or gas.

d. New Model entrants: Independent demand-side aggregators, ESCOs, community energy companies other new model businesses which provide services to consumers in the retail electricity and gas market.

What do we want to know from the Stakeholders


We would like NRAs to provide:

a.       High-level insight into key market entry and operation processes.

b.      Clarification to processes and regulations relating to barriers identified by new entrants.

c.       Foresight into processes and regulations that are expected to change in the foreseeable future that might affect identified barriers. 

New Entrants:

We would like New Entrants to provide their views on the barriers to entry as they see it.

How Can Stakeholders Participate


·       Interviews: We will be aiming to talk directly with all NRAs and a broad selection of other willing stakeholders. If you would like to talk, please let us know.

·       Questionnaires: We will be asking new entrants around Europe to participate in an online questionnaire.

·       Webinars: We will be hosting two webinars. One for regulators and one for new entrants. These will give stakeholders the chance to understand the project and its objectives, to comment on its approach and to give ideas for the research.

·       Workshops: Towards the end of the research we will be hosting a major workshop to present initial results and invite stakeholders to comment on those findings.

The schedule